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My story is a bit crazy!

Just a short time ago this about me page would have looked a lot different. My focus would be how I’ve served on full time staff of several churches over the past 20+ years; working with hundreds of families, and ran ministries for kids as young as infants all the way through college students.  This has been the calling of my life since I was 19 years old. I even went to college and majored in Youth Ministry. It has been my privilege to pour my heart and soul into serving the families of these churches.  It hasn’t always been easy but it has always been worth it!

Here’s the crazy part … I have recently taken a huge leap of faith, quit my full-time, reliable, salaried job to invest in parents and churches! Yep, it seems like a big bold move because it is.  My passion for the next generation has brought me to you, the ones who have the largest impact on our kids.  I know it seems like friends, school and YouTube are screaming for our kid’s attention and they are, but parents are still the #1 influence in a child’s life.

That’s great news!

The problem is – kids don’t come with instruction manuals, and every child is different. I provide biblically-based, practical, fun solutions so parent can be confident they are raising happy, healthy kids with kind and generous hearts.

So, a bit about our family and me personally.  My husband and I have been married for over 20 years.  We met in college at Southwest Baptist University (go BEARCATS!). I was the super outgoing girl that was involved in everything.  He was, and still is, the strong, silent hunky athlete. Basically we are like the Paula Abdul song, “Opposites Attract.” We have 2 energetic and athletic teenage sons. That means we no longer have hobbies, we spend most of our spare time on a field of some sort.  Mostly baseball and football … or an archery tournament … or a choir concert or other school event.  You get the idea.

If we were ever at a BBQ together (which would be awesome!), you would find me working the crowd, talking to everyone.  I’d be telling funny stories and laughing with everyone.  I like to be social and have fun, but I’m also the one that hijacks the festivities and leads everyone in a game.  It is in my nature to lead, I just prefer to have fun doing it!  So, that’s how I approach life, ministry and parenting – with intention and joy.  

I have the attention span of a gnat, but problem solve and process quickly; run towards chaos and problems with the intent of bringing order, calm and restoring joy. Oh, I also have a tiny sarcasm problem. Maybe you can relate?

Parenting was not intended to be done alone.  We need each other! I would love to connect with you.  Shoot me a message or find me on Facebook.

Talk to you soon!


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“Jen is real, relevant, and relational. Every time I’ve had the chance to hear Jen speak, she combines laughter and encouragement with her love for Jesus and her desire to see children and families grow in Christ. Jen is a dynamic speaker who will speak live or virtually. “

Charissa Sanders
Elementary Principal
Summit Christian Academy

“Jen Abercrombie is passionate about reaching the next generation. She has experience in leading ministries both to children and to students. Over her many years of ministry she has developed proven systems for developing volunteers, partnering with parents, and connecting with kids and students. At the Missouri Baptist Convention, I have sought Jen’s expertise and insight on many occasions and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone to help their ministry to the next generation.”

Jason Walters
Disciple-Making Specialist
Missouri Baptist Convention